Does illegal hoardings and banners allow Amitabh Bachchan to fight for environment or it’s just Publicity stunt of NDTV


Hope Amitabh’s TV advertisement for the environment on NDTV seen by India. Bachchan clearly speaks out of 15 cities in the world 14 most polluted cities found in India.  He also confirms that every minute 2 people die due to pollution in India, I really salute angry young man for taking efforts.

But for me, it is really difficult to understand this kind of diplomatic publicity. I have a question from every reader about this publicity is for…

  • Publicity stunt to earn public interest?
  • To get the rebate in taxation?
  • To earn advertisement (Money)
  • To misguide public by showing we are serious about the environment?

My other question is who place the illegal banner?

  • General public?
  • Small businessmen?
  • Political parties?

My last question which is not the least one, “Who help or encourage them”?

  • BMC
  • LAW

Let me tell you banners Not only hide the beauty of the city but also make it look ugly, flex banners are environment and health hazard. Flex is not bio-degradable, and when burnt, emits toxic fumes which have a serious effect on public health.” Experts said flex is dangerous because it doesn’t dissolve on its own.

Let me tell you some time back 4 political parties get notices for the illegal banner from Bombay high court i.e. NCP, BJP, RPI, and MNS, asking them to explain why their workers had put up illegal hoardings and banners on public roads.

The office bearers of these political parties last year filed undertakings in the HC assuring that their workers would not put up hoardings and banners on public roads and places without requisite permission.

“We call upon the said political parties to disclose as to why a large number of hoardings have been displayed by their party workers,” the court said. The undertakings were part of public interest litigation (PIL) filed by NGO Suswarajya Foundation raising the issue of a large number of illegal hoardings by political parties.

High Court also asked the Election Commission to impose conditions on political parties at the time of their registration that they would not indulge in defacement of properties as per the Prevention of Defacement of Property Act and laws governing sky signs and advertisements.

The high court also asked the EC to consider issuing proper guidelines to compel the registered political parties against putting up illegal hoardings and posters not only during elections but all throughout.

The order was delivered by a division bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka which heard a bunch of petitions filed by Suswaraj Foundation, Janhit Manch.

The bench further directed that a copy of its judgment be forwarded to the ECI as well as the State Election Commission for considering these issues and taking necessary action. The court made it clear that the entire machinery set up under the interim directions, including the Grievance Redress Mechanism, will continue to function. The bench recorded its appreciation for the court commissioners appointed to check illegal posters, banners, and hoardings in Maharashtra.

“We make it clear that though they will not continue as Commissioners, they can continue to render services by taking tours of different areas and filing complaints about the illegal sky-signs and advertisements.”

 Story Behind

What is the story and why illegal banners are still criticising environment?

It’s simple to say that all political parties and BMC corrupt officer are responsible for danger environment through banners as they have a big source of…

  • Earning
  • Publicity

It is nothing that law and order can’t curb these issues, it can be stopped in a day if the government takes serious action against illegal banner and hoarding.

I know writing against a politician is quite risky but still, I put myself for the public interest.


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