Kajree Babbar, Parda and Oscar


The niece of Bollywood actor and politician Shri Raj Babbar shot film parade shortlisted for Oscar Award.

Oscar is an award for film industry people who dream to receive but is kajiree life it becomes like dream come true to shock her all Though Kajir Babbar is not an acquaintance in the field of film and writing, recently a short film by Kajree, the screen is a new introduction to this area.

Kajree Babbar is a writer and a theatre artist. Kajree has been nominated for a 44th Student Academy Award organized by a short film by Parada Oscar. This movie was written and directed by Kajree. It is based on the serious and vivid problems of the present world. This story is about an Indian student living in England who has a dire need of money. And forcing him to sacrifice his religious values and ethics. She is forced to work in a strip club and she has to keep her work of the most hidden, and she is ready to do anything to keep her secret.

In this movie a human nature and the other side of the trend shows. After looking at Kajiree’s writing and direction in the curtain, it seems that Kajree Babbar has art which can reach them to new heights in this area.

She has been active in the theatre industry since last 13 years. Kajree is an active member of the Integrated Theater Group, and has played a key role in many successful plays like “Your Desire, Sunam Me, and Sanaa”, he has done a masters diploma in communication media and is a graduate in the field of journalism.

His dream is that he can keep issues like class and sex politics in front of society through films. At present, she is doing masters in the field of film direction at the University of Bournemouth, an art university in the UK. For which she has been given a scholarship.


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