Mastermind of Fake Job Arrested With his Smoothie Team, Might be charged for 3 crore National and International victims.


Wisdom Jobs company founder Ajay Kolla has been arrested for running fake job racket by Cyberabad polices along with 13 other smoothies.

Kolla has been cheated a big number of job seekers who were trying for a job. According to his web portal, he has 3 crore registered users across the world like and which provides skill-tested and assessed job seekers including India. Most of the job seekers are from India, the Middle East, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Australia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka North Africa.

According to Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar, they cheated unemployed youth by maintaining two web portal namely  and

The modulus of cheating was that they have the MoU with more than 4, 000 companies across the world along with gulf companies.

They ask for pre-registration to unemployed and later they call the client repeatedly till they become scapegoats for them and collect the fee on the name of resume writing, forwarding. To win the confidence of unemployed youth they also conduct the fake interviews with their staff and collect the fee in US Dollars 500 from each registered users.

Wisdom Jobs is an Indian employment website operated from Hyderabad. On a specific complaint, the Cyberabad police formed 10 special teams of Cyber experts and busted the wisdom jobs fraud amounted yet 70 crores from the job seekers.

Kolla fraud came into the light when a victim asked to pay Rs 7,000 on an average in cases of Rs 20,000 paid by the victims for the job. According to Cyberabad police commissioner V.C. Sajjanar, Kolla is an engineering graduate who had worked outside India before starting his own company. Wisdom IT Services, Kolla’s company was started in Madhapur, 2009 after which it was shifted to Cyber Towers.

Reportedly, the registered candidates were contacted and interviews were conducted after collecting money from them in US dollars but after the interview, they were told that they were not selected. Gopinath Sureddy, Shubham Kumar Singh, Syed Mazhar, Samrat Pandugula, Nikhita Jain, Madhuri Veepuri, Karthik Kumar Yelibandi, Ravi Kiran, Shamikant Kankamneni, Rohit, Rajesh, Baswaraj Nayakodi and Srikant Gatoju were arrested and fake job letters were also confiscated from the office.

The police have sealed two bank accounts belonging to the accused. The accounts contained Rs 23 lakh in them.


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