Sridevi finds nothing wrong if her daughter gets to paired with 50-plus


Sridevi is a level-headed person. Having ruled the film industry for several years, she understands its working and challenges, and now her daughter stands to benefit from the wealth of her incredible work experience. At a time when she is playing mother to teenagers, hardly do we see her contemporaries. They are still romancing young heroines on screen.

Sri finds nothing wrong with these older actors pairing with girls in their 20s and early 30s, “Good, no! They are looking good, people are accepting them, so it’s good for them. Aamir did play a father in Dangal. But I understand what you are saying. They have still remained superstars and it’s working for them. So why should I ask them to change?” ‘I did it, too’ Now with Sridevi’s daughter Janvi making her big-ticket debut, all eyes are set on her. One can understand that Sri must be anxious and want her daughter to get the best and the ultimate in terms of offers, directors, and co-stars. It’s natural for her to be offered films with the 50-plus brigade that’s still ruling the industry. Would that be a shock to her? Sridevi says, “Well, I worked with an actor Nageshwar Rao, and then I worked with his son, too. It has already happened with me, so if the same happens with Janvi and the heroes, why not?”


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