Nexus of Commission between Doctors and diagnostic- IT Raid Exposes


BENGALURU: Nexus of commission between doctors and diagnostic centres has been cracked down by IT department. The Income Tax department raids on five Bengaluru-based doctors along with diagnostic centres after finding the nexus of kickback. This IT raid on diagnostic centre chains in Bengaluru shows that doctors are paid for referring a patient for medical tests.

As per the investigation, referring their patient for medical tests they get commission 35 percent for MRI tests and 20 percent in case of CT scan and other laboratory tests as a kickback.

IT department also said officially, Some of the reputation doctors joined hands for business by taking a deposit from the diagnostic centres and some doctors demand in advance which is adjustable in future business of referring patients. Evidence found kickback was made to doctors on a fortnightly basis in cheque and shown as professional fees without a visit, and some laboratory employs as commission agents whose job is to distribute money to doctors in envelopes.

These white dresser life saviours are quite serious and very particular about their kickback, the way they tally. Senior IT official said,”the amount of referral fee transacted in the case of a single lab exceeds Rs. 200 crore.” We are further examining various expenses to see if more such payments have been made” and Labs searched have also admitted to previously undisclosed income which so far exceeds Rs.100 crore.

Searches on IVF centres and top doctors pioneering in assisted reproduction has resulted in the seizure of cash exceeding Rs. 1.4 crore, jewellery, and bullion exceeding 3.5 kg, a significant amount of foreign currency and detection of secret foreign bank accounts with deposits running into crores of rupees.


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